Fields of Honor


fieldsofhonorAlright. The third book in Robert Stanek’s epic series of doorstoppers, where new characters will randomly appear and everything will continue to not make any fucking sense and the writing will be, in general, quite bad. So why not share some laudatory quotes from inside the book?

“Brilliant… an absolutely superior story tale of fantasy for all tastes!”

“It’s a creative, provoking, and above all, thoughtful story!”

“The fantasy world you have created is truly wonderful and rich. Your characters seem real and full of life.”

Not much else to say, really.

As always, this the “adult” combined version of In the Service of Dragons & In the Service of Dragons II, because why bother publishing one book when you can publish it as three?

  6 Responses to “Fields of Honor”

  1. Really looking forward to this piece of crap (The book, not your spork)

  2. You realize you are intrinsically tied to him forever, don’t you?

  3. Has this been abandoned?

  4. He probably either died of liver failure or killed himself. Either one wouldn’t be surprising. However, I don’t know how time consuming a spork is, so maybe he’s working on part five as we speak.

  5. He’s alive. He just got done sporking the maradonia movie.

  6. Since he is still alive, I’m going with the liver failure