The Secret of Moon Lake


I honestly thought I was done with all this nonsense. 

For a long time, even after it was patently obvious that we were never going to see the rest of the books in the Maradonia series published, I held out hope that one day, Cthulu would honor us with his blessing, and let us see the Maradonia film. On October 7th, 2016 that day came, at least partially helped by the fact that the Tesches repeatedly tried to rip off the people they worked with, and a leaked copy made its way online. 

And that really put the finishing touch on the Maradonia franchise. I assumed, rather naturally, now that the Tesches had squandered all their money and Gloria Tesch had gotten happily married, she would retire to the instagram lifestyle, content to post selfies of her vacations to Hawaii, and then later post more selfies from the same vacation to make it seem like she visited Hawaii multiple times a year. You know. 

But since then, Dr. Gerry Tesch has suffered author existence failure and shuffled off this mortal coil (RIP), Gloria Tesch got divorced, changed her name (maybe?) to Sofia Nova, which is just as twee a name as names can twee, and just published a new book called “The Secret of Moon Lake”. Which an alert reader tipped me off to, so I couldn’t just pretend this didn’t exist and save myself a lot of time. I had to buy it. When it arrived, I immediately started reading it, and immediately started regretting it.