The Ruling Passion


And so we return once more to the land of England, where Elizabeth Darcy and Darcy….uh, Darcy are still together, and still, presumably, having a lot of hot and potentially dirty sex.

I don’t know. I haven’t read this book. I haven’t even paged through it. We’re embarking on this journey together to explore Linda Berdoll’s Colin Firth fetish, wherever it will take us. At a guess, it will lead us to Colin Firth wearing riding boots and nothing else.

I don’t really remember where the last book left off…I think Wickham got shot, Lydia got married, and Elizabeth popped out some twins or something, but that’s irrelevant, because Berdoll tends to repeat herself a lot, so I’m sure we’ll get recaps of everything that happened in the first two books. In excruciating detail.

You can purchase The Ruling Passion on Linda’s website.