Escape with the Dream Maker


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This book is by far the most interesting of the series. Unfortunately, this is Morris we’re talking about, and he has to compensate by not having it make any sense at all.

Imagine you’re reading The Chronicles of Narnia. You’ve gotten to The Silver Chair, and Jill and Eustace and Puddleglum have been struggling along and finally they reach Harfang, home of the “gentle” giants. They stroll inside, and the giants invite them to sit down and watch a football game on their television. Afterwards, the giants show them their spaceship and ask them if they want to fly through a wormhole and go into the distant past.

Your first reaction would probably be “What the fuck? This makes no sense! This technology is completely incompatible with the rest of the series. They haven’t even invented gunpowder yet, what are these people doing with virtual reality chambers?!”

And then, just to make matters worse (or, I suppose, better), you find out that the rest of the book is actually quite well-written, with intriguing character development, some dynamite scenes, and actual, real-life inter-character conflict.

That’s what this book is like. And I’m speaking relatively of course. This is Morris we’re talking about, and this book is only “well-written” compared to the rest of the series. And it does suffer from all sorts of complete idiocy. And yet, somehow, I almost enjoyed it.


This is Token’s very own adventure.

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