13 Responses to “Map!”

  1. Tyronia is just that little island? Really? Maradonia is so HUGE in comparison. Maya got the better deal ruling it than Joey, the king of little Tyronia.

  2. I love the “Ocenside” error on the very left bottom of the map xD

  3. Dammit, typo in a typo. I guess stupidity is infectious. It’s even an “Oceniside”.

  4. “Lupus Ville”? Really? XD

  5. Lake-Lagoon

    Really pulled out all the stops with that one, didn’t they?

  6. By the standards of crap fantasy maps, this thing is actually not horrible. All the rivers start at mountains and seem to flow downhill, deserts are placed behind mountains to allow for a rain-shadow effect, and so on.

    Since it’s slightly competent, I’m pretty sure they paid to have someone draw this, then Gloria added her moronic names to it.

  7. I’m imagining Mituna bay as populated by a bunch of copies of Mituna from Homestuck.

  8. Or it may be a computer-generated map re-textured by hand.

  9. Actually the Maradonia-River (love the hyphen) is wrong. Rivers don’t split going downstream (deltas are the only exception)..

  10. Incorrect, it is very rare outside deltas but it does occur, Divide Creek in Canada is a prime example where one branch flows west to the Pacific Ocean; the other flows east to the Atlantic Ocean

  11. I guess Tesch meant Oceanicide. You know, one of those cities that kill the oceans.

  12. My favourite location is “Pool”

  13. Mine is Pebble Beach.