What it says on the tin.

  • ImpishIdea – A website with sporking, criticism, writing advice, and more. I am a staff writer for Impish and my Maradonia sporks are cross-posted there.
  • Texts From Edward – I had a terrible idea, and I ran with it. Rarely updated.
  • The Agony Booth – Hilarious recaps of movies, TV shows, and occasionally comics. Has now almost exclusively moved to video recaps. Back in the day, I wanted to write for the Agony Booth, but then they stopped taking reader submissions and said that if readers wanted to write their own recaps, to start their own website to host them. So I did.
  • The Spoony Experiment – video recaps and reviews of movies and video game reviews. His Twilight Vlogs are must-see.
  • Eragon Sporkings – A site filled with enough sporks to make your eyes spontaneously begin to bleed. One of the inspirations for my own site.
  • Battlefield Spork – An insanely long sporking of L. Ron Hubbard’s classic piece of shit, Battlefield Earth.
  • Mission Spork – An insanely long in-progress sporking to L. Ron’s 10-book follow-up series to Battlefield Earth.
  • Swankivy – Lots of cool stuff here, including several insanely long (and awesome) essays about the Inheritance Cycle. I’ve linked directly to that page as it can be rather difficult to find.
  • SatireKnight – lots of sporks, including some (personal favorite) Anita Blake comics.
  • Anti-Shurtugal LJ – the last remnants of the original anti-Eragon website. Surprisingly active.
  • Armed with Sporks LJ – mostly just links to sporks, but a good one to bookmark.
  • TvTropes – It will eat your soul.

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  1. I wish I could get you to spork my book before I send it to the publishers!