What it says on the tin.

  • ImpishIdea – A website with sporking, criticism, writing advice, and more.
  • Texts From Edward – I had a terrible idea, and I ran with it. Rarely updated.
  • Battlefield Spork – An insanely long sporking of L. Ron Hubbard’s classic piece of shit, Battlefield Earth.
  • Mission Spork – An insanely long in-progress sporking to L. Ron’s 10-book follow-up series to Battlefield Earth.
  • Swankivy – Lots of cool stuff here, including several insanely long (and awesome) essays about the Inheritance Cycle. I’ve linked directly to that page as it can be rather difficult to find.
  • Anti-Shurtugal LJ – the last remnants of the original anti-Eragon website. Surprisingly inactive.
  • Armed with Sporks LJ – mostly just links to sporks. Extremely dead.

  One Response to “Links”

  1. I wish I could get you to spork my book before I send it to the publishers!