Inheritance Spork: Part Twenty-Eight


Note: This page of the spork was written by ana0119 and was originally published here. Reposted with permission.

Chapter Thirty-One –  The Tolling of the Bell

Thankfully, it’s short.

Eragon shook himself as if waking from a bad dream.

<= The first line of the chapter. It’s so nostalgic. Remember when every other chapter ended with Eragon being knocked out or falling asleep and began with him waking up suddenly?

But no, that’s not what’s going on here. Actually, Eragon is just coming out of the shock of… whatever the evil priest did. This kinda sounds like a badfic, somehow. Also, this means that the narration at the end of the previous chapter wasn’t really from Eragon’s POV, since he was apparently lost in la-la land.

A bell is tolling in the background. Eragon reminiscences about visiting the cathedral with Brom. I… don’t remember that. I’m such a horrible fan.

Anyway, Eragon gives the mono-sword back to Angela and pokes around among the bodies until he finds his sword. He feels insecure without his fire sword. It’s like being without Saphira.


The rest of his junk is all over the place. I am reminded of a morning after.

Eragon: How did my ring get under that pew?

Arya: Must have been when we… uh, there’s your necklace, on the bier.

Eragon: Here’s your sword. It was under those corpses over there. But have you seen my belt? I can’t find it anywhere! I think we might have left it in the tunnels.

Arya: Well, there’s no time to go back for it. Just hold your pants up. Oromis will understand, better than if we get caught doing this in a church.

Angela and Solembum:

… My mind is an entire sewer level.

Anyway, Eragon tries to search for his belt, but it’s magicked against that sort of thing. His sword is the same, which really makes me wonder. Shouldn’t the sword at least be synched with him, so that Eragon can magically search for it? You’d think Rhunon would have considered that possibility.

Also, it’s a bit of a shame to lose that belt after all the time Paolini spent describing it. And, you know, all those animals Eragon killed to fill it with energy. Guess they died in vain. (Not that Eragon is really sad about them. He just thinks he might need the thing soon. Surprisingly pragmatic.)

Eragon sent his mind questing for Saphira, who he knew would be circling high above the city, waiting for him to contact her.

How does this mind questing work? Is it like radar? (No.) But doesn’t Eragon have a special link with Saphira? Shouldn’t be just on and off?

This brings up an interesting point. Eragon is ready to take the risk of contacting her, and Saphira was on the verge of just storming the town. So why didn’t Eragon ask her for help? A moment later, he asks her to provide a distraction.

Then they run for the gate. They need the Varden to pick them up there. But why can’t Saphira just pick them all up herself?

This is the problem with something as powerful and mobile as a dragon. You have to invent reasons to keep her out of the way.

And… that’s it.


Uh. At least it’s short.


(You’d think something interesting and dramatic would happen in a chapter called “The Tolling of the Bell.” A funeral, a wedding, the end of an era.)

(You’d be wrong.)