Recap of Book One

  • Maya beats up a goth and Joey tries to drown his sister. Some doves rescue her.
  • On the advice of a creepy old neighbor they go to a forbidden beach and find a cave into Maradonia where they join forces with a wisdom-dispensing grasshopper
  • They encounter an evil spider and a poison glitter tree and a fortunetelling toad. King Roach (God) sends an eagle named Sagitta who carries them to Poseidon Rock, where Joey almost drowns due to his own stupidity
  • They get lost in the jungle and Joey murders a snake and Maya almost drowns but Joey rescues her
  • They meet some crying unicorns and confront an evil creature named Gertrude and almost die but Sagitta and Cato (who we shall call Thor) save them and free the unicorns
  • They ride the unicorns over to a valley where everyone greets them as their saviors
  • Commander Justin consults a medium and tries to poison Maya and Joey, but Libertine warns them and Justin dies.
  • Joey tests the army by starving them. Maya swims with some mermaids
  • The Powers of Evil show up and Maya and Joey agree to be barbecued but Sagitta and another chap show up to rescue them
  • Some fishermen try to kill them but through a lucky coincidence Joey figures out what’s going on. They befriend the murderous fishermen and Maya gets a free dog
  • They arrive at Selinka and party.
  • Apollyon has a Club of Evil
  • They meet AstroJesus who explains that if they bathe in a pool of blood they’ll become invincible. They do. The Powers of Evil attack and kill a few people because Genarius is a bad general but everyone else is invincible
  • Joey gets a Deus ex Machina hat
  • They decide to rescue the unicorns and mermaids
  • Apollyon sings the Mother Earth Song
  • They travel to Apollyon’s fortress and walk inside without a problem. Joey nicks the Key to the Underworld, decides not to help people in Hell, and they help the mermaids and unicorns escape
  • Joey starts a forest fire
  • Some random guy tries to betray everyone and gets killed. But Abbadon is able to sneak inside the city, fights AstroJesus, and they both die
  • Genarius is crowned king. He and Maya and Joey use their magical powers to blow up some bombs in the enemy camp
  • Apollyon raises Abbadon from the dead
  • Genarius marries Ruchi
  • Maya uses her Deus ex Machina hat to discover a treasonous plot to murder Genarius and blame Maya and Joey. Maya foils the plot and her dog drinks the poison and dies.
  • They head home, meet up with Hoppy the grasshopper, and watch the mermaids kill some people
  • Joey makes out with a mermaid and sets another forest on fire
  • They talk to the fortunetelling toad and then go home

Part One


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  1. I don’t remember the evil spider part from the spork.