Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate


coverI’ve owned this book for quite some time – I purchased it off Amazon almost exactly three years ago – and since then it’s been sitting around in my “I should totally spork this” pile but for one reason or another I’ve never gotten around to it. My copy is autographed (unexpected) with the inscription “There is no rift between sorcery & technology” which does not make sense to me, but maybe it will make sense after I’ve read it?

It’s written by Kenneth Che-Tew Eng, a mentally unhinged racist who achieved some notoriety for his newspaper article “Why I Hate Blacks”, speaking out favorably about the Virginia Tech massacre, and finally being arrested and sentenced to a year of mental health treatment for threatening his neighbor in New York.

All of that makes him a pretty unlikeable guy but doesn’t really factor into my wanting to spork this book, because holy shit, have you seen the title? It’s called Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate! Have you SEEN the cover? There’s a dragon with a flak jacket who is double-fisting a sword and a pistol while he fights a giant smoke monster!

  4 Responses to “Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate”

  1. What the hell is “Lexicon Triumvate” supposed to mean anyways? The Dictionary Power Trio? Because that has got to be the least threatening title I have ever heard.

  2. Good lord, that Fox news interview is terrifying. Eng sounds like an utter psychopath. Seriously, all that insanity about being “the only person with a true conciousness” is a textbook sign of a sociopath. He’s that fatal combibation, a lunatic AND an idiot.

  3. Holy shitsnacks, someone actually read this entire book?

  4. So have you heard the long anticipated sequel, Dragons: Epic Eternal, is available on Amazon….